Survey Control Networks are the Cornerstone to achieving Accuracy & Repeatability

Control and Monitoring Surveys

Precise survey control enables accurate monitoring of structural movements

A good quality survey cannot be achieved without an accurate and reliable Survey Control Network. It provides the framework for the collection of 3D data now and in the future. Its significance is often under-estimated and goes unnoticed, but it is the cornerstone to achieving a good quality end product.

Monitoring would not be possible without precise survey control. Changes in the shape or dimensions of structures can be systematically measured and monitored over time to detect the amount and direction of movement. Rigorous Survey Control needs to be installed in order to detect such small changes, so it’s essential to have the right equipment, from the start.

Digital Levels are used to monitor sub-millimetre changes in height, Total Stations to measure sub-centimetre movements in 3D and laser scanners to detect mass movements over time.

Control and Montoring Survey
Control and Montoring Survey Installation Planning

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